Air plant

Air plants are another type of plant used in apartment space, mainly selected for environments with good lighting conditions. Most species of air plants do not need soil to grow, and you can take good care of them by watering them two to three times a week. These plants are called aerial plants because they do not take root in the soil. Today, tourists traveling to countries such as Mexico and the Caribbean islands of South America can easily see the growth of famous air species in nature when they hang from a tree or live on a tree trunk.

How to water air plants?

The amount and condition of air plant water depend on your area’s climate. So if you live in hot and dry areas, you should water your plant more often, and in cold and mountainous regions, this amount can be less during the week. In general, air plants are water in two ways. In the first method, a person can water his desired plant during the week (two or three times) using a sprinkler and with gentle pressure. In this method, it is better to spray water from the top of the leaves regularly.

Also, try to do this during the hours of the day and night so that direct sunlight does not burn your plant’s leaves. But the second method is to put the plant in a container full of water so that you can provide the water needed for your plant in about a quarter. Of course, after you take your plant out of the water, it is better to keep it upside down for a few minutes so that the remaining water does not rot. Experience has shown that larger species need more water, and it is better to soak them in water. But smaller species are enough to keep it moist.

Types of air plants

Air plants are divided into more than 650 different types in a general category. But for better understanding, the species of these plants can be classified into flowering and flowerless groups. Air flowers and plants often have long, slender leaves that set them apart from other plants in nature. You can get fully acquainted with their storage conditions by viewing information about the most famous species of these plants on the Alo Plant.

What are air plants?

Flowers and plants are considered excellent decor for people’s living environment that today, in addition to pots, can also be used to make a terrarium. Air plants are naturally adapted to grow on tree trunks, and you will be able to place some of them on a piece of wood and decorate with moss for more beauty. In this way, both an exciting scene will be created for your audience, and the required moisture of the plant will be provided more quickly. Air plants are energetic plants that you can maintain to give a sense of calm to your workplace or living environment. You have to place your plant next to an open window and provide it with enough light and oxygen.

Air plant light

The growth of air plants and flowers during the day and night has a great relationship with the amount of sunlight, and this makes us pay special attention to their location to use them in our place of residence. If your plant grows naturally on trees, it is best to keep its leaves moist and care for them in a shady area. But if your plant is one species that grows in nature on earth, it is better to expose it indoors and in direct sunlight. Sunny and well-lit conditions are ideal for growing air plants, So if you are planning to grow them in your home environment, it is better to make sure that there is enough sunlight in your home space.

How to propagate air plants?

Boiling stems and seeds usually propagate air plants, and for this purpose, you have to wait for the plant to flower and grow properly. Over time, these plants produce cuttings around them that you can separate by reproducing them. According to experience, spring is the most suitable season for this.