To improve the quality of online shopping, we recommend that you read the “Safe Shopping Guide.” Note that Alo Plant helps to search and use online stores. The buying process is under the supervision of each store, and Alo Plant does not interfere in the buying process.

General rules

It will be published and updated on this page if there are any future changes to the details of Alo Plant procedures and services. Therefore, using Alo Plant means accepting these policies.


Most of the content on Alo Plant is first collected by crawlers from reputable online stores. Then, the content of Alo Plant is reviewed by artificial intelligence and experts, and after approval, it is placed on the site. However, it is noted that in a few cases, there is a possibility of error in them. Alo Plant is not responsible for the content provided by the sellers on the site, and the information provided by each store belongs to him.

Buy products and services

After selecting the product and store in Alo Plant, the purchase process is done through the store’s website. Alo Plant does not interfere in the purchase process. The data relating to the purchase is only available to the stores, and Alo Plant does not have access to them. Therefore, all mistakes and problems that may occur at the time of purchase are the responsibility of the stores. Also, all the services provided by the stores (such as warranty or free post) are their responsibility, and in case of violation of any of them, Alo Plant is not responsible.
Of course, it is worth mentioning that to maintain the quality of services and prevent the abuse of users’ trust in Alo Plant, we have implemented the order tracking process for essential items on the Alo Planet website. Alo Plant will do its best to solve the users’ problems through the order tracking process. Also, following the order of users in Alo Plant will automatically affect the scoring of stores, and these scores will be visible in the list of stores for all users.

Privacy policies

Please read this section for information on data collection methods and privacy policies.