Alo Plant is a flower and plant search engine that introduces you to reputable online retailers. Alo Plant’s mission is to provide users with clear information about products and stores, exceptionally reliable prices. Note that Alo Plant does not interfere in the buying process but tries to provide accurate and up-to-date information from stores and products to do its best to provide an excellent online shopping experience for users. You should also note that Alo Plant tries to include users in the rankings and scores of stores by receiving user feedback in the form of tracking orders. Please note the following to experience a safe purchase:

Seller sending and paying procedures

Before buying, be sure to check the shipping and payment procedures. If you have a high purchase price and don’t have enough confidence in the seller, be sure to buy from sellers who have payment on the spot. We recommend that if the delivery period of the product by the seller is more than 2 to 3 working days, be sure to use the on-site payment option.

Product specifications on the seller’s site

Before buying, check the product specifications on the seller’s site. At Alo Plant, we strive to display the prices of different vendors correctly in related products. However, it is rarely possible to mistakenly list the seller’s price on a similar product page. In this case, please inform us about this by pressing the “Report an Error” button.

Phone call before paying

Before buying, call the online store where you intend to buy the product and make sure the price and specifications of the product and the shipping conditions are correct. Due to market changes, the seller’s site information may not be up to date. If you notice sellers registering an incorrect price, let us know by clicking the “Report an Error” button on our product page.

Product delivery tips

When the delivery agent comes, be sure to open the product in the presence of the delivery agent and make sure it is correct. If the payment is on-site, don’t pay before making sure the goods are correct.