How we use to collect your information

Based on the searches performed, we extract specific information and use it to improve the results of Alo Plant. For example, this information can include the pages you have viewed or the IP address (the IP contains a number given to your device after connecting to the Internet and allows your device to be positioned). We may also store information, including the number of times you visited, the time of your visits, your searches, your operating system, your country, or your province. We use this information to improve our work and the services we provide to you.

Who collects your information?

We may get the help of data analytics companies to analyze the use of Alo Plant services (such as Google Analytics). This information can include your gender, age, and location. It is also possible for these companies to use your device’s advertising id for better analysis.

Who do we give your information to?

The security of your information is important to Alo Plant. Except for the cases mentioned in the previous sections, the personal information collected from you will not be given to any person or company. This information may be used indirectly for big data. For example, if you searched for a particular phrase, it was added to the number of people who searched for that phrase, and that number may be used by another company.


We may notify you of any new changes and features that are made to Alo Plant with the information we have about you.